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BRAND NEW! Mighty Veggie Griller Basket
BRAND NEW! Mighty Veggie Griller Basket

BRAND NEW! Mighty Veggie Griller Basket

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"This grill basket is amazing! Whether you're cooking a bunch of different vegetables, or you're BBQing up some shrimp, it just works. Tough and sturdy."

"It makes grilling smaller sliced veggies, a lot easier. Opens up a lot of new possibilities."

"Best new addition to my grilling tool kit this year!"

The Mighty Grill Basket is a brand new addition to our product list and is a high grade stainless steel addition to your grilling arsenal. You'll wonder how you ever lived without having one. You've mastered steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, and virtually every meat out there. This will give your proteins a healthy balance and keep friends and family talking about your grilling prowess.

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Healthy Meals - Adding Veggies or shrimp to your meal will create a healthy balanced diet and make your family happier!

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Cut your veggies smaller - Easier to eat.  Easier to make.  Great for mixing several types of vegetables together!  Get a nice smoky flavor without food falling in the grill.


Built to Last - Made with high-quality materials to last year after year.


Easy to Clean - No hassle clean-up, works in the dishwasher, or easily clean by hand.