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BRAND NEW! Meat Shredding and Heat Handling Claws

BRAND NEW! Meat Shredding and Heat Handling Claws

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The Meat Shredding and Heat Handling Claws are a must have for anyone that likes to cook meat "low and slow". These claws just arrived new in stock and their ability to shred meat without getting burned is unmatched. We tested the competitors plastic claws and we were unimpressed so we went to our supplier and asked for a metal version. They really delivered!  The stainless steal claws with wooden handles feel great to use and remind us of a certain comic book hero at the same time.

We were also able to include a small rounded knife blade on one side to make chopped meats from the shredded pieces.  We also added a bottle opener on the other side so you can sip a cold one while you impress your family.

- Easily Shred Large Cuts of Meat

- Sturdy Wood and Stainless Steel Construction

- Includes Knife Edge for Chopping

- Includes Bottle Opener

- Easy Clean Up

- Dishwasher Safe

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