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BRAND NEW! Extra Long Grill and Kitchen Tongs (Set of 2)

BRAND NEW! Extra Long Grill and Kitchen Tongs (Set of 2)

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Check out one of our newest product additions! Our 16" grill tongs and 12" kitchen tongs are sturdy and capable of lifting the largest steaks, chops, ribs, or anything else.  Their folded stainless steel design allows them to remain strong from the handle to the tip.

No More Cross Contamination - Protect yourself and your family from cross-contamination by using one tong for raw meat and a separate tong for cooked meat.  No more safety concerns when you grill for your family!

Great Value - Two tongs are included in this value set - two for the price of one.

Easy to Use - Comfortable handle, simple mechanism to open/close.  The circle attachment on the end allows you to store your tongs by hanging them on a hook on your grill.

Built to Last - Made with high-quality materials to last year after year.  No silicone tips so you won't burn or scorch the silicone on your grill.

Easy to Clean - No hassle clean-up, works in the dishwasher, or easily clean by hand.

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