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Accelerated Meat Defroster Pro 3.0

Accelerated Meat Defroster Pro 3.0

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"As a busy individual, the Accelerated Meat Defroster Pro 3.0 saves me an unbelievable amount of time and money every night when I cook."

- Nick, Great American Griller Customer

Don’t you hate when you are halfway through your day at work (or quarantining) and realize you forgot to pull dinner out of the freezer?

Does this happen way too much to you, and you honestly ended up with a lot of freezer burned meat? Only to just go buy something on the way home?

Not any more. Introducing the new Accelerated Meat Defroster Pro 3.0!

Blazing Fast Thaw - Patent-pending technology can thaw frozen foods up to 10x faster than normal thawing.

Save Money - Instantly pocket more money with no wasted electricity, freezer burned food, or pick-up dinner because you forgot to defrost your meal.

Save Time - Drastically cuts down time required for defrosting food. 

Easy to Use - No hassle clean-up, works without microwave, water, or electricity (no cords!).

Built to Last - Made with high-quality materials to last year after year.


  • If you have a busy schedule like us, you don't want to waste time thawing out meals in advance. The Accelerated Meat Defroster 3.0 instantly gives you the freedom to do what you want while your food thaws. 
  • The Accelerated Meat Defroster 3.0 turns any cooking experience into an enjoyable memory. Simply place the frozen food on the tray and watch as it thaws in just minutes.
  • Save hundreds of dollars with a simple, one-time investment  

Key Features:

  • Natural thawing keeps original flavor of the frozen foods
  • Even defrosting so no part of your food is partially frozen
  • Easy to clean in a dishwasher 
  • Non-stick surface makes it ideal for all types of frozen food
  • No Chemicals, Batteries, Or Electricity Required

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!

Watch it in action!

For less than the price of a dinner out for two, start saving time and money now!

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button to get started!

PS - Try it without risking a penny!

We're sure that our Accelerated Meat Defroster is the missing link that we stand behind it with a no questions asked, LIFETIME guarantee.

PSS - You get a copy of our Ultimate Grill Guide FREE if you order within the next 7 orders! ($39.95 value, yours free!)

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