A New Year - A New You

A New Year - A New You

Happy New Year everyone! We made it to 2022. Since this is a new year, let's take the time to talk about someone who's very important in your life. YOU! Yes, you. I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions myself because inevitably I break them. However, I am a fan of adding small things to my life that make it better. This year, why don't you start by adding something small to your life that will make YOU better.  

What small thing can you add that will improve YOU? Grilling is an integral part of our family eating habits. We grill out at least once a week, if not more. While grilling is a fairly healthy habit overall, I've decided to add veggies to our grilling arsenal. Maybe even some fruits. Whoa! I've experimented before and grilled veggies and fruits received the stamp of approval from my kids (pineapple was a big hit). There's just one problem. Cooking veggies on a grill is HARD. They're always falling through the grates! Luckily there are TWO tools in the Great American Griller arsenal that make grilling veggies and fruits easy peasy.  

The first is our tried and true, never fail EZ Fish and Veggie Grill Mat. The newest is our brand new offering, the Mighty Veggie Griller Basket. Let me tell you folks, this thing rocks! I'm going to highlight our Mighty Veggie Griller Basket today since it's our newest product and I'm so excited to share it with you.

The Mighty Veggie Griller Basket is amazing.  No matter what food you're grilling, the basket makes it super easy.  Simply throw the food in the basket, fire up the grill and put the basket inside.  Turn the food over once or twice, season it, and let it get nice and smoky. I think the smoky flavor is the best part. Once the food reaches your desired temperature, remove the basket by the handles (use your heat resistant gloves) and serve some ultra delicious and healthy food. Now that's something easy you can add to your life to help start off a new year and a new you! 

Read here for more of the great features of our Mighty Veggie Griller Basket and order one today!  It'll be your start to a New Year and a New You!  

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